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Rad Family Dinners

At Raddish we’re kicking off the New Year with one simple goal: getting families to take a break from “the busy”, and gather in the kitchen and around the table to make and eat a meal -- together! Rad Family Dinners is a monthly newsletter sharing tips and recipes from our favorite family recipe creators. Join us! Sign up here to receive our Rad Family Dinners newsletter!

Here's how to get started:

  • These days, I forget everything if it's not written down. And if it's not in our family calendar, forget about it! So check your calendar (like, now) and pick a night with an extra hour that works for your family this week. For us, it will be this Sunday. If you’re like me… write it down to make it happen!
  • Tell your family! Get them excited about each week’s theme. 
  • Together, choose a recipe from our rad round-up below.
  • Shop and plan ahead of time, so when the time comes, you’re ready to tie on those aprons and get cooking!
  • Take a break from the busy: laugh, talk, share, cook, and EAT together!
  • Share your moments and follow along with my family with #radfamilydinners#raddishkids.

    Happy Cooking!

    Samantha Barnes,
    Founder of Raddish

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