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Rad Family Dinners: Week 2 - Dinner and a Movie

Week 2 of our Rad Family Dinner series is Dinner and a Movie -- meals that are inspired by fun family films!

Join the fun:

  • Check your calendar… you’re going to need cooking time and movie time. 
  • Take inspiration from our movie and recipe round-up below. 
  • Shop and plan ahead of time, so when the time comes, you’re ready to tie on those apron strings and get cooking! 
  • Take a break from the busy: laugh, talk, share, cook, eat, and watch a movie together!
  • Share your fun with #radfamilydinners and #raddishkids.
  • 1. Meatballs al Pomodoro by Raddish Kids

    As the leading subscription cooking club for kids, Raddish Kids' illustrated, step-by-step recipes make it easy for kids of all ages and abilities to get in the kitchen! 

    Kids can use their hands to shape and roll the meatballs for this classic Italian dish, then watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! In this fun family film, inventor Flint Lockwood, builds a machine that converts water into food and becomes a local hero when tasty treats fall from the sky like rain. But, when the machine spins out of control and threatens to bury the whole world under giant mounts of food, Flint finds he may have bitten off more than he can chew. 

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    2. Apple Nachos by Misha & Vicki Collins, The Adventurous Eaters Club

    In their new book, The Adventurous Eaters Club, TV star Misha Collins and his wife, journalist and historian Vicki Collins, show families how to be mealtime adventurers so that kids might have a lifelong relationship with real food.

    A favorite flick in their home is the story of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Centered on a tricky, clever fox, who steals food from nasty farmers to feed his family, Mr. Fox ends up stealing enough food for a celebratory feast for all the animals--including veggies for bunnies. At one point in the film, Mr. Fox sneaks into farmer Bean’s apple cider cellar to snag some cider. In Misha and Vicki's family, they like to pair this movie with their kid-friendly apple snack: Apple Nachos. Protein-packed and filled with appl-y goodness, this snack makes a fresh alternative to classic movie-night nachos.

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    3. Pantry Popcorn Mix by The BakerMama

    Maegan Brown is The BakerMama -- a mom of four kids who shares easy, family-friendly recipes, beautiful food boards for every occasion, creative meal ideas and tasty food finds on her blog and Instagram account @TheBakerMama. She is also the author of Beautiful Boards, a cookbook filled with 50 delicious and family-friendly snack boards for any occasion.

    Maegan's Pantry Popcorn is one of her family's favorite traditions for movie night. Swap the M&Ms for Reese's Pieces and you've got the perfect accompaniment to the movie E.T.

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    4. Chicken Parmesan Pasta Bake by Jess Smith of Inquiring Chef

    Jess, Frank, and their three daughters live in Kansas City, Missouri in a 100-year-old house where something is always cooking. They share family-friendly recipes that have been tested by their kids and shared around their dining room table at

    A mother of three, Jess suggests making her Chicken Parmesan Pasta Bake and watching Lady and the Tramp - keep an eye out for the famous spaghetti and meatballs scene!

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    5. Chicken Tortilla Soup by Challenge Butter

    Challenge Butter - a leading and award-winning butter brand known for its quality - is passionate about bringing families and friends together around the dinner table. 

    Set in beautiful, vibrant and colorful Mexico, Coco is a touching and inspiring story about family, connecting with loved ones and pursuing your dreams. Challenge Butter recommends pairing it with their favorite recipe of chicken tortilla soup. With its inviting aroma and comforting warmth, this savory soup is brimming with chicken, corn, tomato, onions, Mexican spices and topped with cheese, crisp fresh-baked lime tortilla strips, and avocado.

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