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Rad Family Dinners: Week 1 - DIY Dinners

At Raddish we’re kicking off the New Year with one simple goal: getting families to take a break from “the busy”, and gather in the kitchen and around the table to make and eat a meal -- together! Rad Family Dinners is a weekly newsletter sharing tips and recipes from our favorite family recipe creators throughout January and February. Join us! Sign up here to receive our Rad Family Dinners newsletter every Monday!

Here's how to get started:

  • Check your calendar and pick a night with an extra hour that works for your family this week. 
  • Tell your family! Get them excited about this week’s theme, DIY Dinners -- easy-to-make dinners that each family member customizes to his or her tastes! 
  • Choose a recipe from our rad round-up below.
  • Shop and plan ahead of time, so when the time comes, you’re ready to tie on those aprons and get cooking!
  • Take a break from the busy: laugh, talk, cook, and EAT together!
  • Share your moments with #radfamilydinners#raddishkids.
  • 1. Doodle Noodle Bowls by Raddish Kids

    As the leading subscription cooking club for kids, Raddish Kids' illustrated, step-by-step recipes make it easy for kids of all ages and abilities to get in the kitchen! 

    Create a noodle bar with Raddish Kids' Doodle Noodle Bowl recipe! Assemble a bar of colorful toppings like tofu, red bell peppers, carrots and baby bok choy to pair with Asian-style noodles. Layered your way, each bowl is a unique masterpiece!

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    2. Pizza Pinwheels by Jennifer Tyler Lee

    Cookbook author Jennifer Tyler Lee is a healthy food advocate who has spent years inspiring families to improve the way they eat. Her latest cookbook, Half the Sugar, All the Love offers 100 kid-tested, doctor approved recipes that cut the sugar by half (or more!). 

    Jennifer's Pizza Pinwheels are a fun twist on pizza night! They're great for DIY dinner because the recipe is easy to make and it can be infinitely personalized. Let your kids choose a variety of colorful toppings, set them all out on the counter in small bowls, and let each child personalize their pinwheel. It's fun to have kids make one for themselves, and one to share, so everyone can have a taste of something new.

    View This Recipe (and save 20% on Half the Sugar, All the Love with promo code RADDISH). 

    3. Cheese Fondue by Brittney Hanks of Homegrown Traditions

    Brittney is a mom of four kids who shares ideas for simplifying family life on her blog and Instagram account @HomegrownTraditions.

    Making this easy cheese fondue recipe is one of Brittney's favorite family traditions. She suggests serving with roasted veggies, chunks of bread, green apples, crackers, and any other pantry items that look like they'd go well with cheese dip.

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    4. Taco Night by Katie Workman 

    Katie Workman is a cook, a writer, a mother of two and an enthusiastic advocate for home cooking and family meals, which is the inspiration behind her beloved The Mom 100 Cookbook.

    Taco Night is a big deal in Katie's house. Everyone in her family loves them and there is something inherently fun and festive about a hands-on, interactive meal. Mix and match toppings and try different meats! With Katie's homemade taco seasoning, you can create your perfect taco! 

    View This Recipe (and save 20% on The Mom 100 Cookbook with promo code RADDISH). 

    5. Cookie Dough Bites by Challenge Butter

    Challenge Butter - a leading and award-winning butter brand known for its quality - is passionate about bringing families and friends together around the dinner table. They have the perfect dessert to wrap up your meal because who doesn't love cookie dough?! These chocolate-dipped, sprinkle-covered bites of cookie dough are fun to decorate and delicious to eat.

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