Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is Raddish for?

Raddish is for kids 4 to 14+! Young children ages 4 to 6 can enjoy working alongside an adult in the kitchen. Kids and tweens ages 7 to 12 can explore their culinary curiosity and take on an exciting role preparing family meals. We've heard from many families with teens ages 13+ who use Raddish independently, although it depends on their level of culinary skill and ambition.

We also recommend joining our Raddish Community on Facebook The Raddish Table: Food + Family to ask over 35,000 members how they use Raddish!

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How much does Raddish cost?
What do I get each month?
What kind of "themes" can I expect? Do the kits repeat?
Is food included?
Can I get an extra tool, patch, or apron for siblings?
When do you ship? Do you ship internationally?
Can I give Raddish as a gift?
What is your mission?
Do you accommodate for dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.)?
What is your cancellation policy? How do I cancel my auto-renewal?
I have additional questions. Where can I learn more?