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Rad Family Dinners: Week 5 - Super Soups

Week 5 of our Rad Family Dinner series is Super Soups -- comforting, healthy, one pot wonders! Join the fun:

  • Check your calendar and schedule this week's family dinner date.
  • Choose one of the rad Super Soup recipes from our round-up below. 
  • Shop and plan ahead of time, so you're soup-er ready to go! 
  • Get cozy! Escape the busy and enjoy family time in the kitchen and at the table.
  • Share your fun with #radfamilydinners and #raddishkids.
  • 1. Chilly Night Chili by Raddish Kids

    As the leading subscription cooking club for kids, Raddish Kids' illustrated, step-by-step recipes make it easy for kids of all ages and abilities to get in the kitchen! 

    Our Chilly Night Chili is perfect for a cold winter's night.

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    2. Roasted Tomato Basil Soup with Mini Grilled Cheese Croutons by Oh, Sweet Basil

    Cade and Carrian Cheney are the husband and wife team behind the popular Oh, Sweet Basil food blog and Our Sweet Basil Kitchen cookbook. As the parents of three children, they have found that cooking and eating together as a family helps them stay involved, try new things, create memories, and develop stronger bonds.

    Their roasted tomato basil soup is topped with little grilled cheese bites that act like croutons in the soup. It is soup perfection!

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    3. Chickpea Stew with Broccoli Pesto by Sarah Waldman

    Sarah Waldman is a mother, nutritionist, food writer and recipe developer. In her cookbook, Feeding a Family, Sarah lays out all of the tools you need to break out of the mealtime rut and turn dinner into a nutritionally fulfilling and happy occasion.

    Sarah believes kids are less suspicious of vegetables that are in soups and stews, so that is where she packs them in! Her Chickpea Stew is topped with nutrient-dense broccoli pesto and adds delicious flavor!

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    4. Lemon Chicken Soup by Laney Schwartz of Life is but a Dish

    Laney Schwartz is a mom of two who creates easy, approachable recipes for the everyday home cook on her blog, Life is but a Dish

    Described as a "hug in a bowl" and "chicken soup for the soul," Laney's Lemon Chicken Soup is so simple and delicious. The lemon takes it to the next level and gives it a little something extra special.

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    5. Corn and Chicken Chowder by Challenge Butter

    Challenge Butter - a leading and award-winning butter brand known for its quality - is passionate about bringing families and friends together around the dinner table.

    Their Corn and Chicken Chowder is a Southwestern blend of corn, potatoes, fire-roasted green chiles and strips of chicken in a creamy chowder base.

    View this Recipe and save on Challenge Butter here.