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A former teacher's cooking kit helps kids master culinary skills at any age

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"To help nourish kids' appetites and minds, Samantha Barnes recommends they put on an apron and head right to the kitchen."

Why I Cook, with Samantha Barnes

By Rachel Seis, Taste of Home

“The founder of kids' online cooking community Raddish dishes on how she started her company, plus what cooking means to her.”

How I Made It: Samantha Barnes of Raddish wants to get your kids cooking

By Ronald D. White, Los Angeles Times

“I found that a lot of my students were eating junk food in my class,” she said. “I had my first child, and I realized that parents themselves, especially my generation, didn’t have the culinary skills that they wished they had and that they wanted to cook for their families and eat well themselves.”

Raddish Brings Cooking Lessons to Your Child’s Mailbox

By Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

“The step-by-step recipes are simple but intelligent (adult novices, take note).”

Chef Is the New Astronaut: The Best Camps for Kids With Culinary Ambitions

By Matthew Kronsberg, The Wallstreet Journal

"So your child wants to be a celebrity chef. Here’s a best-of guide to the current surge of activities, from cooking camps to mail-order kits, aimed at satisfying fledgling foodies"