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Rad Family Dinners: May - Family Game Night

The May edition of our Rad Family Dinner series is Family Game Night -- cook one of these recipes and pair it with one of your favorite family games!

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1. Cheesy Spinach Dip and Chips by Raddish Kids

As the leading subscription cooking club for kids, Raddish Kids' illustrated, step-by-step recipes make it easy for kids of all ages and abilities to get in the kitchen! 

Kick off family game night with a hearty appetizer! Your kids can practice stirring and learn tasting manners.

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2. Oven Grilled Cheese by From Scratch Fast

Nicki Sizemore is the mom of two young daughters and knows first-hand the challenges of feeding our families (and picky kids). She created From Scratch Fast to help busy families get fresh, wholesome and delicious food on the table any night of the week. 

Nicki's build-your-own oven grilled cheese sandwiches are the perfect way to feed a family. This easy method results in buttery, crispy, cheesy sandwiches that can be customized to kids' own tastes!

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3. Ground Beef Black Bean Corn Burritos by Completely Delicious

Annalise Sandberg is a self-taught baker-turned-blogger behind the site Completely Delicious. A mother of two boys, she has an intense sweet tooth — on her blog you'll find recipes for layered cakes, cookies, pies and more. 

Annalise's ground beef, black bean and corn burritos are a quick and easy meal the whole family will love!

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4One Pot American Beef Goulash by Laura Fuentes

Laura Fuentes is the founder and CEO of where she helps thousands of parents every day make fresh, real food the whole family will love. 

Laura's One Pot American Beef Goulash is a crowd pleaser and can be a delicious vessel for lots of nutritious add-ins, like spinach, broccoli or peas.

View this Recipe and get a free sample of her weekly done-for-you family meal plans here. Or, make fewer trips to the grocery store and learn how to cook with just the items you have in your pantry and freezer by using the Pantry Staples Meal Plan.

5. Buffalo Chicken Tachos by Challenge Butter

Challenge Butter - a leading and award-winning butter brand known for its quality - is passionate about bringing families and friends together around the dinner table.

Tachos are essentially nachos -- but tater tots in place of tortilla chips. Challenge Butter's bacon buffalo chicken version is game night comfort food at its finest.

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