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Rad Family Dinners: Week 3 - Breakfast for Dinner

Week 3 of our Rad Family Dinner series is Breakfast for Dinner -- fun twists on breakfast recipes that you can enjoy for dinner!

Join the fun:

  • Check your calendar for this week's family dinner date.
  • Choose one of the rad breakfast for dinner recipes from our round-up below. 
  • Shop and plan ahead of time, so when the time comes, you’re ready to tie on those apron strings and get cooking! 
  • Take a break from the busy: put on your pajamas and get cooking!
  • Share your fun with #radfamilydinners and #raddishkids.
  • 1. Blueberry Pancakes by Raddish Kids

    As the leading subscription cooking club for kids, Raddish Kids' illustrated, step-by-step recipes make it easy for kids of all ages and abilities to get in the kitchen! 

    Made with whole wheat flour, oats and yogurt then filled with brain-boosting blueberries, these homemade pancakes are delicious way to start -- or end -- your day!

    View This Recipe. 

    2. Breakfast Fried Rice with Sausage by Cook Smarts

    Cook Smarts creates weekly meal plans, cooking guides and online cooking lessons designed to help anyone build a strong cooking foundation. Cook Smarts was founded by mom of 3, Jess Dang, who believes in the power of a home cooked meal to nurture our bodies and strengthen our connections to one another. 

    Cook Smarts' East-meets-West Breakfast Fried Rice with Sausage is a fun meal that comes together very fast. Top with a fried egg and serve alongside their Green Smoothie made with cucumbers, apples and baby spinach!

    View this Recipe (and save 25% on a Cook Smarts subscription with code RADFAM).

    3. Hash Brown Waffles by Pamela Salzman

    Beloved Los Angeles-based cooking instructor and mom of three, Pamela Salzman is the author of Kitchen Matters -- a cookbook that offers a roadmap for new and busy home cooks to begin cooking with more wholesome foods to create meals that are as nourishing as they are unforgettable. 

    Featured in Kitchen Matters, Pamela's Hash Brown Waffles make a terrific dinner with eggs, crispy chicken, or a fresh green salad on top.

    View this Recipe (and pre-order her upcoming cookbook, Quicker Than Quick). 

    4. Cade's Bananas Foster French Toast by Oh, Sweet Basil

    Cade and Carrian Cheney are the husband and wife team behind the popular Oh, Sweet Basil food blog and Our Sweet Basil Kitchen cookbook. As the parents of three children, they have found that cooking and eating together as a family helps them stay involved, try new things, create memories, and develop stronger bonds. 

    Cade's Bananas Foster French Toast is a perfect French toast  -- covered in corn flakes for a fun little crunch, then drenched in the most delicious brown sugar banana syrup.

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    5. Ham and Broccoli Strata by Challenge Butter

    Challenge Butter - a leading and award-winning butter brand known for its quality - is passionate about bringing families and friends together around the dinner table.

    Their colorful egg dish can quickly be assembled the day before, and it is hearty enough to serve any time of day, hot or warm. 

    View this Recipe and save on Challenge Butter here.