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How it Works:

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    Join a Club

    Choose from Cooking, Baking, or Global Eats Clubs. Your first kit ships next day.

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    Login to Raddish+

    Get immediate access to 400+ Raddish recipes from all Clubs.

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    Get Cooking!

    Cook from your phone, tablet, or computer with our signature step-by-step recipes! Access ingredient lists from anywhere.

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    Easy for Kids & Parents

    Search by cuisine, season, or ingredient for easy meal planning, or browse our collections.

"As a busy mom, Raddish+ is a game changer. Having access to family-favorite recipes makes meal planning a breeze! The kids feel a huge sense of accomplishment as they check off steps while they cook!"

- Rad Mom

Raddish Plus FAQs:

  • What is the difference between Raddish and Raddish Plus?

    Raddish is the original cooking club for kids, and members receive monthly thematic cooking kits in the mail that include fully illustrated, step-by-step recipe guides, a collectable patch, quality cooking utensil, a shopping list, and activities. Raddish Plus is our digital recipe platform, where you can access the vault of Raddish recipes from your computer or other device. Raddish Plus also features our step-by-step, fully illustrated recipe guides, with the convenience of being able to access them at any time, from anywhere.

  • Are ingredients included?

    Ingredients are not included, making mealtime simple to schedule without worrying about expiring ingredients, and also allowing for easy dietary modifications for each recipe (we provide suggestions for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and more!). Purchasing your own ingredients also allows you to remake each recipe time and time again. We include a shopping list within each kit, and the ingredients needed for each recipe are also listed within Raddish Plus.

  • Can I purchase Raddish Plus without a Raddish membership?

    Yes, you can purchase Raddish Plus digital access without having to receive a monthly kit in the mail. Sign up here.

  • What is included in a Raddish membership?

    The Cooking Club and Global Eats Club kits include 3 illustrated, step-by-step Recipe Guides and Skill Lessons, a quality kitchen tool, a creative kitchen project, an apron patch, and collectible Table Talk cards.

    The Baking Club is for kids who love to bake, fostering creativity and baking skills with seasonal, global, and holiday themes. Each kit includes 2 illustrated, step-by-step Recipe Guides: a 12-step “Quick Bake” and 18-step “Star Bake”, “Star Bake” Decorations, a quality kitchen tool, Skill Lessons, Baker’s Bonus Recipe, an apron patch, and collectible Table Talk cards. 

    In addition, you’ll receive a grocery store shopping list inside your kit and via email. We also provide online “Bonus Bites” activities. All three of our clubs include access to Raddish Plus.