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Cook Together with your Grandkids!

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Grandparents Make Kitchen Memories!

The kitchen is a place that connects and comforts us all. It's where generations can find common ground and share old traditions while making new ones. It’s no wonder that grandparents are some of Raddish’s biggest fans and supporters! We’re always heartened to see the delicious memories made between grandparents and grandkids using our monthly cooking kits. To help bring families together during this time of social distancing, we have created a simple guide that makes cooking together just a few clicks away. 

The 3-Step Guide to Setting Up a Raddish Bake-Date with Your Grandkids:

1. Schedule a Meeting and Download Zoom.

While there are plenty of video-apps, we like Zoom because it doesn't require everyone to use the same type of device. Zoom allows you to have real-time "in-person" video calls with friends and family. To use Zoom, you’ll need one of the following: a phone, tablet, or computer. Download the Zoom app. Need help? Check out these easy tutorials

2. Choose Your Recipe in Advance and Gather Your Ingredients. 

For kid-friendly recipes that everyone will enjoy, check out our free Raddish digital recipes here. They are a good place to start your virtual cooking experience since they are simpler than our monthly kit recipes and feature easy-to-find ingredients.  Grandparents, don’t forget to plan a Bake Date using your favorite recipes too!  

During the Zoom, you'll be cooking alongside each other, albeit in separate kitchens. When you add 2 cups of flour to a mixing bowl, your grandchild will do the same! 

Turkey Cheeseball Pumpkin Waffles Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce

3. Don’t Forget the Table Talk!

Raddish includes Table Talk cards in each monthly kit. We think you'll love the delicious conversation, too! Here a few questions to ask while cooking or enjoying the fruits of your labor.


Celebrate the Holidays Together:

Create Delicious Kindness Together! Make edible gifts virtually that you can send to relatives, neighbors and friends. Make gifts ranging from cocoa and spiced cider mixes and flavored salts to cookies and even dog treats! Each come with a free printable gift tag to personalize.

Show gratitude! Yes 2020 has been a tumultuous year but there is still so much to be thankful for. Let the kids choose how the family should show their gratitude. Some ideas include play a gratitude game, fill up a gratitude jar, or be inspired by other fun suggestions!