Suddenly Homeschooling?

Suddenly Homeschooling?

We believe the heart of the home is the kitchen. And our team of parents, chefs, and educators know the kitchen classroom is the tastiest place to learn -- not just cooking, but math, science, geography, and history, too! We’ve created this page as a free resource to support families like yours, because food is love: it comforts and connects us all!

Raddish Kids
Raddish Kids

Join our Cook-Along Classes

Join our Founder Samantha Barnes, a former teacher and part-time homeschool mom, in her kitchen for weekly cook-along classes.

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Discover our Kitchen Classroom!

  • Host an At-Home Cooking Camp!

    Build your culinary foundation!
    Learn new cooking techniques and create your own recipes with these 8 kitchen lessons.

  • Easy Recipes for Kids

    Get Cooking! Browse our extensive Bonus Bites recipe library for easy to follow illustrated recipes using simple pantry ingredients.

  • Kitchen Connections

    Brains on! Find learning prompts that connect our recipes with math, science, history, geography and language arts.

  • Creative Projects

    Have Fun! Explore our Bonus Bites library of activities, crafts, science experiments and more for fun ways to make learning delicious.

Raddish Kids

We sold out of 50,000 free cooking kits!

On March 13th, 2020, we announced we'd be shipping 10,000 free kits to families unexpectedly at home and eager to enrich their bellies and minds! Due to the overwhelming response to this program, we quickly updated that number to 25,000 free kits... and then finally 50,000 free cooking kits! Submit your email below to receive our free e-Kit and other delicious, educational resources and activities.