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By Samantha B. | October 10th, 2023

Raddish Kids

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Raddish Kids

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a child that will keep giving well beyond the holidays? A subscription to a Raddish Kids club is the answer. Raddish Kids is the original cooking subscription for kids! They offer 3 different clubs with different focuses, with curated and tested recipes so you can pick the club that best fits your child.

Raddish Cooking Club offers 3 illustrated recipe guides, a quality kitchen tool, an activity, and culinary lessons.

Raddish Kids

Baking Club gives kids the chance to become a star baker, with Quick Bake and Star Bake illustrated recipe guides, a Star Bake decoration, a Baker’s Bonus recipe, and baking lessons and skills.

Global Eats Club gives kids the chance to travel the world through food, with illustrated recipe guides, activities, and culinary lessons that highlight countries and cuisines that span the globe.

All clubs provide a patch for your apron, Table Talk cards, and access to Raddish+, a digital library of hundreds of recipes across all clubs.

How to Make Raddish Work for You and Your Family

Whatever your family structure and available time, Raddish can inspire your kids to become proficient in the kitchen and transform your mealtimes. Kids can work independently because of the fully-illustrated recipe guides, or families can use the time to come and work together in the kitchen. No time in the schedule to make all of the recipes? No problem — take on one recipe each week and spread out the kit’s contents. If you’re hosting guests or have a special occasion, set aside some time and you can complete the kit all at once. There’s no right or wrong way to approach using Raddish Kids, just the way that works best for your family!

Even kids who are self-described “picky eaters” find joy in Raddish — founder Samantha Barnes knows that “kids who cook, eat!”, and created Raddish because she wanted every child to have the chance to discover new flavors and foods through the wonder of cooking. Science shows that it can take 15 different exposures to a food before a child will try it, and Raddish helps along the way as kids get excited when they’re part of making ingredients transform into completed dishes.

Raddish Kids

5 Reasons why Raddish Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift:

Monthly Mail Delights – each month kids will receive a box in the mail addressed to them! Kids love to receive mail, especially when it’s a kit full of creative and delicious fun.

Fun Collectibles - inside each kit children love to receive custom apron patches, Table Talk cards, and quality kitchen tools that can be used again and again.

Tasty Creations - Each recipe has been tested multiple times to ensure success and all foods are kid-approved — kids also are more likely to try and like a new food when they have had a hand in making it!

Culinary Skills - Kids learn cooking and baking techniques, from mincing to kneading. Confidence and pride in the kitchen translates to confidence in life.

Benefits the Whole Family - Raddish kits provide an experience that goes beyond the kitchen. Families gather together to eat and enjoy — it’s a gift that keeps giving!

Raddish Kids

Raddish Kids Has Changed The Lives of Thousands of Kids & Families!

“Raddish has helped us as parents realize what our kids are capable of and also inspired them to try new foods. My 10 year old now cooks with her friends whenever they come over for sleepovers, and it's something her friends look forward to and enjoy when they visit. They get the whole kitchen to themselves and enjoy the sense of independence.” - Terra L.

“Ever since we discovered and introduced our son to Raddish, his love for cooking has exploded. He’s learned such a passion for food, kitchen safety, how to safely handle a knife with expert precision, slicing vegetables (even peppers!) and fruits like a seasoned chef. His eyes light up as he creates little culinary masterpieces in our kitchen!” - John K.

"Matthew is the youngest of 4 kids and wanted to learn how to cook. We subscribed to Raddish and he immediately loved it! We especially love the global kits as our family enjoys traveling and trying new foods!” - Melissa O.

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