At Raddish, we're on a mission to deliver culinary experiences that nurture kids’ confidence in the kitchen and beyond.

About Us
About Us

We believe kids who cook, eat; that cooking is the foundation for a healthy, wholesome life.

In 2006, I left behind my career as a middle school social studies teacher to teach cooking to kids. I quickly discovered the kitchen is the tastiest place to learn, and through cooking, kids discover diverse cultures, mix math, simmer science, taste history, and so much more. I successfully operated kids’ cooking classes, camps, and parties in the Los Angeles area for over a decade, and when I became a mom, I saw firsthand that cooking with my own kids presented a powerful opportunity to discover, learn, laugh, connect, and make memories together. Raddish Kids was created in 2014, bringing our experience and expertise into family kitchens across the country -- and today, the world! 

Raddish prepares kids for all stages of a delicious life: arming them with the culinary confidence to help their parents make dinner, to bake muffins for a neighbor, to prepare after-school snacks with their friends, and in time to feed their own families. 

We believe that cooking is fun!

But it also offers an ideal way for kids to take risks, learn from their mistakes, follow directions, foster creativity, curiosity, and resilience, become independent, and try new things. 

We believe in the power of food to bring families together, to build communities, to expand conversation, and to strengthen relationships. More than ever, we remain committed to the power of food, and in 2020 we gave away 50,000 cooking kits to families in the early days of the pandemic, we partnered with World Central Kitchen to feed kids across the country, and launched a Raddish Scholarship program for underserved kids with a passion for cooking. 

Ever since the first Raddish kit shipped from my garage 7 years ago, my greatest joy and proudest accomplishment continues to be seeing Rad Kids’ proud and confident smiles showing off their culinary creations. 

Happy Cooking!

Samantha Barnes, Founder + CEO 
And the Raddish Team

"My daughter and I started subscribing when she was 4, and we are hooked."

- Casey Seidenberg, Washington Post

About Us