Our Recipe Guides

Our recipes are RAD!  Each box features 3 family friendly recipe guides carefully illustrated for kids. Guides provide parents with the necessary background and vocabulary to create fun, enriching, and delicious kitchen lessons. Raddish is fun for young foodies and picky eaters alike; getting kids involved in the kitchen is truly the best way to diversify their palate!


Each Raddish recipe guide has been tested with kids and families to ensure it is:

Fun to make and delicious to eat! 

"It's like crunchy heaven" says 7-year-old Kayla, about our No Bake Apple Tarts, which are made by chopping, smashing, and sprinkling spices. Each Raddish box includes a skill card that is practiced in each recipe.  

Easy to follow. 

Our guides are carefully illustrated so even pre-readers can follow the steps -- but are visually exciting for older kids as well. 

Brimming with kitchen tips for parents and kids. 

Our goal is to educate and inspire both experienced cooks and kitchen novices. 

Made with healthy, good-for-you ingredients.

We call our unique recipes "sophisticated family friendly fare" because they are deliciously enjoyed by both kids and adults.  Each themed Raddish box includes a range of recipes -- from main course, sides, breakfast, and dessert.  Currently, our recipes do not specific allergy or dietary restrictions, but we expect to have these options available soon.  


Sample Recipe Guide from The Family Table