Go Green! with Raddish

We hope you're enjoying Going Green with Raddish this month! Here are some delicious activities to extend the fun all month long!   


Scroll down this page to find:     

 Educational and environmentally friendly songs to listen to while you cook.            

 A video explaining "how to" make recycled lemon cups. 

 A refreshing lemonade recipe.

 Repotting 101: tips on how to replant your basil seedlings. 

 A tasty pesto recipe for when your basil is ready to harvest.  

 A Go Green! themed grocery store scavenger hunt. 

 Suggestions for healthy substitutions. 


A Spotify Playlist

Sing along with these environmentally friendly songs in our custom made playlist via Spotify.

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"How To" Make Recycled Lemon Cups

Learn how to turn lemons into recycled lemon cups in this how to video created by Raddish Content Creator, Maegan McPhee.  Save the juice and use it to make a refreshing lemonade! 


Click here to watch our video: How to make recycled lemon cups. 


A Refreshing Lemonade Recipe

Pucker up with this delicious lemonade recipe.  Mix with fresh strawberries (or raspberries) and a minty garnish, too. Recipe available for download here


Repotting 101

Once your herb seedlings start growing roots, it's time to transfer them to a more permanent home.  Follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition. 

Select a container that is at least 6" in diameter -- we want to ensure the herbs have plenty of room to grow!

Add potting soil to the container until it's almost full then dig a small hole in the center.

Place your herb plant into the center of the container then gently press the soil around the plant.

Water the soil thoroughly.  If needed, add more soil to the container so only 1" remains between the top of the soil and the top of the container.

Happy transplanting! 


The Perfect Go Green! Pesto Recipe

Did you know basil is one of the main ingredients in pesto?  Use your freshly grown basil to make a delicious and versatile dish that's perfect mixed with pasta, spread on pizza dough, or served with French bread.  The recipe is available for download here

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Get your Rad-Kids excited about the next grocery run with our Go Green! themed scavenger hunt, available for download here! Can you guess the color of all our Rad-Ingredients?

Go Green! Lesson Plan

At Raddish, we believe the kitchen is the tastiest place to learn!  And Raddish is a terrific supplement to your homeschool curriculum. Subscribe to Raddish for a FREE lesson plan each month (via our Shopping List email).  Each lesson plan divides your kit into 4, 45-90 minute lessons you can use and adapt to support your homeschool study, pre-k – middle school. 


At Raddish, we strive to accommodate the needs of all families.  Below please find some recommended substitutes for our Rad-Families with dietary restrictions. Measurements may vary based on substitute. 

Go Green! Smoothie and Breakfast Sandwich >> serve fried egg over a bed of quinoa or rice

Save the Trees! Broccoli Forest Salad >> use mayonnaise in place of yogurt