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Raddish Brings Cooking Lessons to Your Child’s Mailbox

By Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

“The step-by-step recipes are simple but intelligent (adult novices, take note).”

Chef Is the New Astronaut: The Best Camps for Kids With Culinary Ambitions

By Matthew Kronsberg, The Wallstreet Journal

"So your child wants to be a celebrity chef. Here’s a best-of guide to the current surge of activities, from cooking camps to mail-order kits, aimed at satisfying fledgling foodies"

Is your child old enough to cut herbs? Crack eggs? Grate cheese? An age-by-age guide.

By Casey Seidenberg, The Washington Post

“The earlier kids start cooking in the kitchen, the better they will be able to take care of themselves when they launch from your care. That’s my long-term motivation; the short-term hope is to have more help making dinner.”