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Raddish+ Tips and Tricks

Add Raddish+ to your home screen.
Follow these easy steps: 
1. Open Google Chrome or Safari web browser 
3. Chrome: Click the three dots in the top right corner / Safari: click the "up arrow" icon (share) 
4. Click "Add to Home Screen"
5. Click "Add"
6. The icon should appear on your home screen the same way any app would!

Don't let your device fall asleep.
Go to your Settings, Display & Brightness, then Auto-Lock. Set Auto-Lock to “Never”.

Swiping can get messy!
Try to keep one hand clean for swiping to the next step. On a computer? Use the arrow keys!

Filter, sort, search!
Filter and sort recipes by type of dish, season or cuisine. Search to easily find a recipe by an ingredient, recipe name or the kit it's from!

Use our "favorites" feature!
Click the heart in the bottom right corner of the recipe and your top picks will show up under ‘favorites’ in the left side panel.

Browse the skills library!
Learn more about safety and best practices in the kitchen. You can "favorite" skills too!

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