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Father's Day Q+A With Will Tully of Cooking With Kyler

We think the bond between a father and daughter is pretty darn special, especially when it flourishes over pots of marinara sauce. So in honor of Father's Day, we asked Los Angeles dad Will Tully, the talented foodie-dad behind the duo, "Cooking with Kyler" a few questions about kids, cooking, and parenthood. 

You and Kyler have a really special bond in the kitchen. What was your inspiration for wanting to cook with her at such an early age? 

I was a stay at home Dad at the time.  I never liked sitting around the house and would take Kyler to museums, ride the Metro, sometimes watch the planes land. There came a point where I felt like I needed to do something creative.  That said, I thought about creating something that both Kyler and I could do together.  So I thought,  “I know how to cook, I know how to edit, I’m a dad…What can I do that won’t cost anything?”  The kitchen became our stage and the rest is history.  

What advice would you give to other dads looking to connect with their young daughters? 

Do as much as you can with them.  Be in the “now” because it goes fast.  You are their Dad, so be a good teacher, listener and friend.  It’s hard to make the time especially if you have a full time job.  I got lucky.  But now that I’m working more, I still make the time.  

We think you're pretty funny! How would Kyler describe you?

I think she’d say fun!

What's your favorite part of cooking with Kyler each week? 

I love watching Kyler take control.  She’s really learned to navigate her way around the kitchen.  Watching her crack eggs, whisk, mix and identify ingredients is the reward.   That’s my favorite part.

How has your relationship changed since you started Cooking with Kyler the series? Has it developed in ways outside of the kitchen? 

Kyler and I had a special bond right from the beginning.  I believe it would be just as connected with or without the CwK series, however we do have fun looking back at some of the early episodes.  And because of that, having documented the moments… well that’s pretty special.  It’s fun watching her watch the shows.  And its something we’ll have for the rest of our lives.

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Will's Perfect Father’s Day: 

We’ll sleep in till 7:30am.  That would be a dream!  Starbucks Venti cold brew.  Yup, addicted.   I’ll have a shake for breakfast.  We’ll pack up the car and head to the beach around 10/10:30.  Beach chairs, umbrella, picture perfect view gazing out at the Pacific, temperature around 82… Swim and play in the waves with Kyler.  A short jog with my wife along the sand.  Bay cities “Godmother” sandwich for lunch. Since its “perfect” father’s day, I just “UberEat’s”  that delivery.  Boom!!! More relaxing in beach chairs and feeling that salt water/sun feeling on my skin that I love so much.  

Head home around 4pm.  Shower and refresh.

Friends come over for dinner.  For starters, oysters on the half shell with mignonette, and homemade cold cured salmon with thinly sliced jalapeños with sudachi juice.  For dinner, I’m thinking gilled bone in pork chops that have been brined the night before and a Caesar salad.   Of course, they’ll be Raddish classic macaroni salad, too, and we’ll end the meal with the delicious Raddish American Flag Cake!

We’ll jump in the car for a quick drive down to the beach just in time to watch a the sunset.  A cold glass of Rose for the adults to toast the end of a beautiful day.  

Home.  Read a couple books to Kyler before bed.  Oh, and would you look at that, “Game of Thrones” is on soon.

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