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A Note From Our Founder About Raddish+

Hello Rad fans!

I’m so excited to introduce you to Raddish+, a platform our small team has been ideating, developing, and testing for almost 2 years. And it's especially thrilling that you, our most dedicated Rad fans in this Facebook group, are getting to experience it this week before the general public.  

I wanted to share my favorite parts of Raddish+, and tell you what’s on the horizon.  

— Raddish+ gives you immediate digital access to our most popular recipes from the last 7 years. You can search for a recipe and ingredients list at the grocery store or while on vacation out of town. While designed for a tablet, Raddish+ works great on a phone or computer too.  

— Raddish+ makes it easy to discover new recipes from kits you don’t have, but more importantly, gives you quick, digital access to recipes that are already your favorites. You can search by ingredient, cuisine, type of meal, and more. 

— Confession: like many of you, I often make Raddish recipes without my kids afoot in the kitchen. I love that Raddish+ allows me to follow a family-favorite recipe on a busy night, right from my phone. (The truth is -- I’ve been doing this for 7 years from our internal database, and now you can too!)  It's like a perfect platform for adults! 

I love the early kit access that Raddish+ promises.  I'll be able to start cooking the December kit on November 20 -- 2 weeks earlier than I would be waiting for my kit to arrive in the mail. 



Today's launch is only just the start of what lies ahead! We're planning exclusive partnerships and collaborations, recipes that integrate dietary restrictions, featured skill videos, cook alongs and community zooms. And, if this is all just too much change for you, know we never plan to eliminate your Raddish kit shipped to your door in favor of something digital. 

We built Raddish+ to better help our fans -- Rad kids and Rad families like yours -- use and enjoy the experience of Raddish they know and love, over and over again. For years our fans have asked for past recipes and digital access, and we’re thrilled this day has come! As always, we value and seek your input and feedback as we continue to improve and add to the Raddish+ platform.   

Basic access to Raddish+ is available to anyone! You can login to your account today and make Chicken Tikka Masala or Banana Bread (2 of the free recipes available on the basic version) tonight! You’ll see how easy it is to check off ingredients while working through recipe steps, practice culinary skills, and search our amazing library.  

Thank you for celebrating this exciting launch with us, and happy cooking! 

-- Samantha Barnes, 

Raddish Kids Founder and CEO