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Top 10 Easter Basket Goodies for Young Chefs

Every young chef will be excited to discover an Easter basket (or birthday bag… or Christmas stocking…) filled to the brim with these essential, kid-friendly kitchen tools. They’re so versatile, you’ll probably want to borrow them yourself. (Or on second thought, just sit back and let your Rad-Kid make dinner!)

1. Microplane, for zesting and grating.  

2. Age appropriate knife, Kuhn-Rikon, Curious Chef, and Kai Little Chef Club all make great ones for small hands! 

3. Citrus reamer, a helpful (and fun!) tool to use when juicing lemons. 

4. Bench/Bowl scraper, our favorite versatile tool! Not only does it help scrape mixing bowls clean, it's great for gathering chopped vegetables, too.

5. A colorful balloon whisk, for making delicious whipped cream. 

6. The perfect whisk, for making dressing (to then proudly consume salad!).

7. Cool dinosaur salad tongs, (to help serve the salad!).

8. Kids’ chopsticks, need we say more?

9. A beautiful olive wood spoon, or a chef’s tasting spoon.

10. Last, but not least, a membership to Raddish!

Happy Easter!

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