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Shamrock Smoothie

This smoothie sham-ROCKS! Create a minty fresh "shake" for a St. Patrick's day treat!



Tips for cooking with Rad-Kids:

 Kids can easily scoop avocado, peel banana, pour water, and pick mint leaves for this delicious smoothie.

 Drink your veggies! Encourage your Rad-Kid to experiment with different vegetables in this smoothie. What vegetable would he or she like to drink? Kale, cucumbers, carrots?

 This recipe is a great time to teach blender safety! Here are some tips to discuss with your child:

  • No fingers inside the canister. Instead, drop or pour food inside.
  • Always secure the lid tightly before starting the blender.
  • Press the ‘on’ button together (child and adult).
  • Start on low speed, slowly increase to high.
  • Visit our safety tips for more information.