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Meet our Rad-Family of the Month!

We're excited to introduce you to this month's Rad-Family winner, the Hande family. Below Chef Alexa (age 9) and parents share their favorite things about cooking together, funny mishaps in the kitchen, and delicious cooking tips for families just starting out. 

Family's last name: Hande

City, State where you live:  Moreno Valley, CA

Favorite Raddish recipe:  French Crepes


1) What is your favorite thing about cooking as a family?

Parent:  It is such a pleasure watching her learn new things in the kitchen. She is trying new foods and really enjoying it!  It definitely draws us closer together as we are both learning so much with Raddish!  I cherish our time together in the kitchen, and love seeing her accomplishments.

Rad-Kid: "That I get to help out and have fun with my family and learn new skills."


2) Tell us about a time when something funny happened in the kitchen.

Parent:  while making the berry scones I added the egg into to batter!  It was to be used as the egg wash!  We both laughed and went forward with the recipe- they were still delicious.  We learned to read the whole recipe before starting.

Rad-Kid:"When we put the eggs in the scones was funny!"


3) What have you learned while cooking?

Parent:  I learned how to make the most delicious steak- the bistro steak!  So simple yet SO yummy!

Rad-Kid: "How to measure, mix, stir and how not to be afraid of fire."


4) Who is the best cook in your family and why?

Parent:  My husband held that title for years, but it think I've surpassed him.  But, I believe Alexa will surpass us both in her cooking skills in the near future!

Rad-Kid: "That would definitely be me, because of my French cuisine. It was delicious and all my family loved it!"


5) What advice would you give to other families who are just starting to cook together?

Parent: 2 suggestions-- 1) Prepare a child friendly environment by making kitchen tools easily accessible.  2) Clean up can be the most stressful part of the process so I taught Chef Alexa to collect all ingredients before we start and put them away as we use them to cut back on the clutter as we cook and prevent accidental spills.  Then it just takes a quick wipe down of the counter when we are finished! 

Rad-Kid: "Be ready to get dirty! Also, be sure to read the recipe and double check before you add ingredients to your recipe."



What is your favorite Table Talk question.  What did you answer?

Parent: I love them all! We enjoy our Table Talk time :)

Rad-Kid: "'Would you rather swim with dolphins or fly with eagles?' I would go with flying with eagles because I have already swam with dolphins and beautiful fish."

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