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Q&A with our Rad-Family of the Month!

Congratulations to our Rad-Family of the Month, Giggling Goose Daycare! We're excited that Raddish is part of their summer fun. Below Sara Jenkins, owner of Giggling Goose Daycare, shares learnings and advice when cooking with young chefs. 
Rad-Family of the Month: Giggling Goose Daycare
City, State: Shelton, Washington
Favorite Raddish Recipe: We just started in June but our June favorite was the Orzo salad; the kids really liked it. 
Q: What is your favorite thing about cooking with your young chefs?
A: My favorite thing about cooking with kids is seeing the kids get excited about the idea that they are making something. The kids love to learn to make & try new things and each time they get better and I think it helps them feel good about themselves.
Q: Tell us about a time when something funny happened in the kitchen.
A: A funny thing that happened is just today the kids helped me make MoMables eggs to go and we put too much in the cupcake pan. When we went to check on them they had gotten so big we thought they might explode. Thankfully they didn’t though.
Q: What have you learned while cooking with kids?
A: I think what I learned is that kids will try things they make. If you have the kids try something new, if they help prepare it and serve it, then they’ll be more apt to like it.
Q: What advice would you give to others who are just starting to cook together?
A: Take a deep breath and be patient. You’ll find it's a nice way to spend some time with your child and for them to learn math & science at the same time.
Q: What is your favorite Table Talk question.  What did you answer?
A: I like "If you could have any superpower, what would it be?" I said super speed because then if I could go fast and get house work done faster then I would have more time for fun stuff.
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