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Backyard BBQ Games

Happy Memorial Day from Raddish!  This weekend, many will celebrate and honor our armed-forces with a delicious and memorable meal filled with fun times, friends, and family.

Cook and play at your long-weekend barbecue with backyard games from Raddish!


Chef's Edition: Backyard BBQ Games

  Capture the "Foodie" Flag - Each team picks a piece of food (ex. orange, apple or banana) as its flag. Capture the other teams flag first!  But don't get tagged - you'll be sent to "jail!"

  Restaurant Relay Race - Have the kids load up a serving tray with cups, utensils and food.  Don't drop anything along the way!  Make it a race!

  Egg Toss - Two teams toss hard boiled eggs between partners.  First team to "crack" does the BBQ party dishes!

  Hot & Cold - Hide an object in the backyard.  Direct the kids to the object based on how close (hot) or far (cold) they are to the treasure.

  Simon Eats - Get the kids moving by playing Simon Says…only he ‘eats’ the food instead (ie. Simon eats peaches, touch your toes!)

  Blind Taste Testing - Guess the ingredient!  Have the kids close their eyes and give them a sample ingredient from the afternoon meal to taste and smell.  

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