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Go Green in the Kitchen

At Raddish, we believe in the power of food to bring families together in the kitchen and around the table.  This month, we are honoring our Earth with Go Green! recipes and kitchen tips.

Below we share simple suggestions to help families Go Green! as they cook, eat, and shop.

10 Ways to Go Green in the Kitchen:

1.  Shop together for fresh, local food.  Explore the farmers market or produce aisle.  Fresh food has little or no packaging and truck drivers use less gas to deliver local produce.  

2.  Bring a bag.  Encourage your children to use reusable bags!  Decorate canvas totes as a family and remind each other to bring your grocery bag each time you set out to the market.

3.  Conserve water.  Teach children not to waste water as you cook and clean.  Set your dishwasher to economy mode and run full loads.

4.  Set a 'green' table.  Use cloth napkins. Forego paper plates and plastic utensils to set the family table.

5.  Clean with cloth.  Use cloth rags instead of paper towels while cooking and cleaning.

6.  Pack a lunch.  Use reusable lunch containers to pack lunch or store leftovers.

7.  Go green with glass.  Reuse glass jelly jars for drinking glasses or crafts.

8.  Participate in recycling.  Teach your children to sort recyclables from waste.  Talk about the meaning and reason for recycling.

9.  Consider composting.  Use compost bins to dispose of your family's food scraps to reduce waste.

10.  Turn out the lights.  Conserve energy and remind children to turn out the lights when leaving the kitchen. Try a family dinner by candlelight for a fun eco-activity!

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