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Spring Clean Your Refrigerator

It's that time of year!  Spring cleaning.  Save time with our 5 step approach to quickly cleaning your refrigerator.  Make it a family project!  Teach your child about food safety and sanitation while working together. Fill your spray bottle with toxin-free cleaner (recipe below) for a safe and fun way to wipe surfaces clean!


Step 1:  Prep Your Supplies ­­­– Gather what you’ll need: household cleaner and two cloths (wet/dry).  Create a homemade cleaner: mix 2 Tbsp baking soda with 1 quart (4 cups) warm water. Ask your child to help you measure and stir!


Step 2:  Clear It Out – Empty the contents of your refrigerator onto a clear surface.  Designate a shelf for your child; ask him or her to move the contents and tell a story about the time they ate that food!


Step 3:  Use a Top to Bottom Approach ­– Starting at the top of the refrigerator, spray and wipe the surfaces clean.  Use the second cloth to dry the surfaces.  Ask your child to be the cleaner leader (where he sprays, you wipe!).


Step 4:  Check Your Condiments ­– Check your condiments for expiration dates and restock date-safe foods.  Ask older children to help you with this task; line up food from earliest to latest expiration date.


Step 5:  Organize Your Edibles – Restock your fresh food.  Organize items so that they are visible and accessible.  Store fruits, vegetables, and butter in appropriate bins.  Play a game; ask your child to guess where each fruit or vegetable belongs!

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