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Thank You, Live Simply!

We would like to send out a big thank you to one of our favorite blogs, Live Simply!

We appreciate your support, enthusiasm and beautiful photographs of our first box, The Family Table.  Check out Live Simply for family-friendly real food recipes written by a mom on a quest for simplicity. 

As shared by Live Simply:

I hear from moms and dads, daily, who are doing this real food life, and doing it well, but desire to get their kids more involved. It’s so easy for real food to become something mom and dad do, the kids off playing or watching a movie. Real food is about the whole family. Getting everyone in the kitchen– talking, preparing, and celebrating delicious homemade creations.

I’m so grateful for that moment.  That perfectly ordained moment, on Facebook, and the new excitement Raddish has brought into our home.  The lessons my children are learning about life, food, math, and family–all thanks to a little brown box.

Photo Credit: Live Simply


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