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Setup for Kitchen Success

Are you ready to start cooking with your young chef?  Prepare your kitchen with simple tools that make cooking together fun, easy and less messy!

Top 5 Cooking Tools for Young Chefs:

1.  Proper Cutting Utensil – When it’s time to chop, the wrong cutting utensil can be frustrating and dangerous. Select a “knife” based on your child’s skill level.
• Beginner – Craft Scissors
• Intermediate – Plastic Lettuce Knife 
• Advanced – Small Pairing Knife 
• Expert - 6" Chef's Knife

2. Steady Cutting Board – Use a thick cutting board that does not slide around. If it wiggles, steady your board by placing kitchen cabinet liner or a towel underneath.

3. Garbage Bowl – Keep your child’s work surface clean (and less overwhelming). Use a nearby mixing bowl to collect scraps and garbage.

4. Step Stool or Fun Pod – Make sure your child is at the proper level for participation. The fun pod is a steady, enclosed step-stool with adjustable height settings.

5. Kitchen Towels – Spills happen! Save on paper towels and purchase a value pack of bar mops or kitchen towels. Dirty towels can go straight to the laundry basket after use!

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