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5 Ways Your Kids Can Help at Thanksgiving

1.  Let the kids cook! 
Kids can chop, stir, and measure. Or pull out a favorite recipe and let the kids take charge. Try some simple Rad recipes: Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce or Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

2. Take them grocery shopping!
Our Thanksgiving Grocery Store Math makes multiplication delicious.

3.  Let kids set and decorate the family table! 
Invite kids to write out their own Thanksgiving menus and craft a centerpiece. Explore other fun decoration suggestions from Red Tricycle.

4.  Let the kids choose how to show their gratitude
Play a gratitude game, fill up a gratitude jar, or be inspired by other fun suggestions!

Put the kids in charge of dinner entertainment! 
Start with a Rad Thanksgiving Spotify playlist. Add some dinner theater or a musical performance!

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