Welcome to Kitchen Olympics!

We hope you are cooking like a champion with our Kitchen Olympics box! Enjoy these delicious activities to extend the fun!                                                                               

Scroll down on this page to find:

  Spirited tunes to listen to while you cook.

  A flag template for the Opening Ceremony activity, plus some flags from around the world for inspiration.

  A grocery store scavenger hunt to make your next shopping trip a delicious experience.

  An edible version of the Olympic rings.  

  Suggestions for vegetarian substitutes.                                          

A Spotify Playlist

Sing along with these Olympic inspired songs in our custom made playlist via Spotify.

(You'll need to sign up for an account in order to listen.)


Opening Ceremonies

Looking for inspiration for the design of your family flag? Here are some flags from countries around the world!  Print your flag template here!

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Get the whole family involved in this month's grocery run!  Download a copy here!  


Olympic Bagel Rings

Create your own edible version of the Olympics rings with this tasty recipe, available for download here!


If your family is vegetarian, we recommend subbing store-bought or homemade veggie patties for turkey meat in our Greek Turkey Burger recipe. Veggie burgers made with black beans, lentils, or chickpeas are also delicious.