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Q&A with our Rad-Family of the Month!


We love learning about our Rad-Families and are excited to feature our first Q&A with our Rad-Family of the Month! Read how the McHenry Family celebrates together in the kitchen and around the table with these delicious (and entertaining) answers!

Family name: The McHenry Family  
City, State: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Raddish recipe: "Zucchini Risotto." - Dad; "Kale Salad" - Mom; "The pizza!" -Zoey  
Q: What is your favorite thing about cooking as a family?
A: Mom: "I love that Zoey is learning life long skills. Seeing things click for her and watching her confidence grow is so rewarding. Her face when she learned to crack an egg on her own was priceless."
Dad: "Spending time together. I am gone most of the week for work, so I look forward to the quality time with my girls." 
Chef Zoey: "I like it because I get to stir everything and put the toppings on all the foods."
Q: Tell us about a time when something funny happened in the kitchen.
A: Mom: "We were making the cheese sauce for the Mac and Cheese Cupcake recipe and when the mixture started to boil over she got the deer in headlights look. I happened to be taking a photo at the time and her face in the two photos went from smiling to intensely scared within seconds!" 
Chef Zoey: "When I spilled the stuff (flour) everywhere." Mom: "I didn't think that was funny."  
Q: What have you learned while cooking?
A: Mom: "I have learned that eating nutritiously doesn't mean eating bland foods. The healthy recipes actually taste delicious!"
Chef Zoey: "I learned how to crack eggs."   
Q: Who is the best cook in your family and why?
A: Mom: "Me. My husband doesn't cook often enough for me to form an educated opinion! Haha!"
Dad: "Zoey. Just because of my wife's answer!"
Chef Zoey: "Me. Because you (mommy) always say I am a really good baker."
Q: What advice would you give to other families who are just starting to cook together?
A: Mom: "Learn to embrace the mess! Easier said than done!" 
Chef Zoey: "I would tell them to make eggs. And I would tell them to cook vegetarian foods because it's not meat because eating meat is animals and animals are so cute."   
Bonus Question: 
Q: What is your favorite Table Talk question.  What did you answer?
A: Mom: "If you could have any super power, what would it be?" Answer: To freeze time like Evie in that old 80's show Out of This World...She froze time and every person during that time. That way I could get all the chores and things on the "to do" list done and unfreeze time to spend the whole day playing with Zoey. I really hate having to think about all the stuff that needs to be accomplished while I am trying to spend quality time with her. It makes it difficult to be in the moment." 
Chef Zoey: "What's your favorite hobby?" Answer: "To cut hair on my princess doll head thing. I want to be a hair styles girl when I get a job."
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