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Lessons from Mom's Kitchen

Happy Mother's Day to all of our Rad-Moms!  Thank you for inspiring the next generation of happy, healthy eaters.  

Your kitchen lessons help your children to experience success, independence, creativity and confidence!  At Raddish, we'd like to thank our moms for inspiring our lifelong love of cooking.

What did you learn from your mom in the kitchen?

  My mom taught me to be resourceful!  She called me Maeggie MacGyver (80's reference here!) as we scoured the kitchen for ingredients --- transforming leftovers and pantry staples into memorable meals!
--- Maegan, Content Creator

  My mom taught me that food is a time for celebration!  My absolute favorite meals were my mom's "Celebration of Life" dinners.  Every so often my mom would surprise us with a delicious dinner of filet mignon and kiddie wine (aka sparkling grape juice) "just because." 

--- Amy, Marketing Manager

  My mother encouraged me to be creative, so naturally instead of cooking, I was “creating.” Thanks Mom!
--- Kari, Designer

  My mom taught me you can always throw something delicious together. Recipes are for special occasions, but family meals are every day. I think about our conversations and the connecting that that family meals provided and I love doing that for my family now. My mom rocks!!!
--- Lynn, Culinary Coach

  Well, my first word was "olive"... so my mom either taught me to appreciate gourmet foods at an early age, or to make a good martini!
--- Samantha, Raddish Founder

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