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5 Reasons to Eat Seasonally and Locally

Eating seasonally and locally is an important step for families striving to achieve good nutrition and delicious family meals.  We hope to inspire your Rad Family to cook and eat seasonally with these 5 reasons why!

1.  It tastes GREAT.  Have you ever had watermelon in December?  Did it taste as juicy, sweet, and red as it does in August? Out-of-season produce is picked before it is ripe and likely travels many, many miles to reach you. It just doesn't taste the same! Seasonal produce grown locally is picked at its peak of flavor and delivered quickly.

2.  It is HEALTHY.  Food grown out-of-season is usually not as nutrient-dense, and often requires farmers to use pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, and waxes to encourage it to grow.

3.  It is LESS EXPENSIVE.  When produce is in season, there is an abundance of product in the market and prices go down.  In addition, out-of-season food is more expensive due to storage and transportation costs.

4.  It supports the LOCAL ECONOMY.  Seasonal produce comes from local farmers. Purchasing from members of your community supports your local economy.  Getting to know where your food comes from keeps you connected to the process and more involved in your community. 

5.  It inspires culinary CREATIVITY.  Cooking with seasonal food means that your ingredients are always changing.  Seasonal food keeps your menu fresh and your culinary skills sharp. 

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