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A Spotify Playlist

Celebrate your roots while you cook up fun with songs from our custom made playlist via Spotify.

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Homemade Chicken Soup

Baby it's cold outside! Warm up with this delicious recipe for a comfort food favorite, homemade chicken soup.  Recipe available for download here.

Chicken Stock in a Crock Pot

In need of chicken stock?  Skip the store bought version and create your own with leftover chicken bones from your roasted chicken. Combine water, chicken bones, herbs and veggies to make a delicious, nutritious, and hearty broth. Instructions available for download here.

5 Ways to Use Leftover Chicken

Embrace this month's leftover roasted chicken with 5 delicious recipes, available for download here.

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt 

Fall harvest is in full swing, which means root vegetables are abundant. Find the following seasonal veggies during your next grocery run. Activity available for download here.

Celebrate Your Roots Lesson Plan

At Raddish, we believe the kitchen is the tastiest place to learn!  And Raddish is a terrific supplement to your homeschool curriculum. Subscribe to Raddish for a FREE lesson plan each month (via our Shopping List email).  Each lesson plan divides your kit into 4, 45-90 minute lessons you can use and adapt to support your homeschool study, pre-k – middle school.


At Raddish, we strive to accommodate the needs of all families. Below please find some recommended substitutes for our Rad-Families with dietary restrictions. Measurements may vary based on substitute.

 Sweet Potato Smash >> use coconut oil or Earth Balance (in place of butter), use soy milk (in place of milk)

 Beet Red Velvet Cupcakes >> use coconut oil or Earth Balance (in place of butter), use gluten-flour free (in place of all-purpose flour), use ENER-G egg replacer (in place of eggs)