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A Spotify Playlist

Let your imagination soar with songs from our custom made playlist via Spotify.

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Strawberry and Banana Tea Sandwiches 

Create and serve both sweet and savory tea sandwiches at your royal lunch! Our Strawberry and Banana Tea Sandwich recipe is available for download here.

Pirate Jokes

Ahoy matey! This month's Sweet and Salty Pirate Popcorn is best served with a side of laughs. Deliciously funny pirate themed jokes are available for download here

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt 

Did you know bananas, nuts, and raisins help keep you energized all day long?  Find these and other energy boosting snacks during this month's grocery store scavenger hunt, available for download here

Make Believe Meals Lesson Plan

At Raddish, we believe the kitchen is the tastiest place to learn!  And Raddish is a terrific supplement to your homeschool curriculum. Subscribe to Raddish for a FREE lesson plan each month (via our Shopping List email).  Each lesson plan divides your kit into 4, 45-90 minute lessons you can use and adapt to support your homeschool study, pre-k – middle school.


At Raddish, we strive to accommodate the needs of all families. Below please find recommended substitutes for our Rad-Families with dietary restrictions, compliments of VeegMama, a lifestyle blog sharing new approaches to healthy living through food, wellness, and personal fulfillment. 


Royal Tea Sandwiches >> use gluten-free bread (in place of whole wheat bread).

Dairy Allergy

Superhero Scrambles >> Combine 14 oz. tofu, ½ cup water, and two Tbsp nutritional yeast in a food processor and blend until smooth. Use mixture in place of eggs and milk. Use Daiya cheddar shreds in place of cheese.

Royal Tea Sandwiches >> use Vegenaise (in place of mayonnaise). 


Superhero Scrambles >> use vegetables such as red peppers and onions OR faux meats such as Field Roast or Tofurkey deli slices (in place of ham or turkey).

Royal Tea Sandwiches >> use baked firm tofu OR boil chunks of tempeh for 8 minutes, drain and crumble into recipe (in place of chicken breasts).

Measurements may vary based on substitute.