Differentiated Learning with Raddish

Differentiated Learning with Raddish
Abby was a young adult with Down’s Syndrome, and she beamed with excitement when she shook my hand. Abby’s mom introduced herself and explained that recently, Abby had moved into an apartment on her own. Each week, the mom told me, Abby planned a meal using Raddish recipe guides. She used our shopping list at the grocery store, and then spent the afternoon slowly and methodically working through each step of our carefully written recipes. “Each day is filled mostly with small tasks of basic life-skills, and Raddish has truly helped Abby live independently – and proudly.”

Visual Learning
Since meeting Abby and her mom, I’ve met countless families with children with a vast spectrum of learning needs. We created Raddish recipes as simple, step-by-step guides to teach cooking to kids. Each laminated, 12-step recipe guide beautifully illustrates exactly what happens in that step – allowing kids of all ages, learning abilities, and reading levels to follow and comprehend each part of the recipe – whether they are 4 or 24! Raddish recipes are beneficial for pre-readers, struggling readers, and anyone who likes learning with pictures.

Sequencing and Organization
Consider a traditional recipe filled with quantities and fractions on the top, followed by a series of numbers and directives strung together on the bottom. Skipping ahead, transcribing a number, or missing a step could be catastrophic for your cake! For those on the Autism spectrum, or those that struggle with sequencing and organization, the simple act of using a dry erase marker to cross off a gathered ingredient or completed step creates a tangible feeling of progress and success.

“If you have a child with organizational difficulties, or is on the spectrum like mine, Raddish is absolutely fabulous. Tonight my daughter made paella for the whole family in 12 easy to follow steps.”


Laminated Recipe Cards
Picky Eaters and Proud Kids

“I'll sing the praises of Raddish Kids until I'm blue in the face if it helps someone else in our situation ... Raddish is amazing for our picky eater (it's beyond picky, actually ... he sees an occupational therapist for his "picky" eating). But when a box comes and he helps to prepare the dish, he'll try it without hesitation.”

Children with Autism are five times more likely to have challenges at mealtime with narrow food selection and ritualistic eating behaviors. We know that textures and sensory issues play a big role in food anxieties for kids, and believe that “kids who cook, eat”. The Raddish experience – a box addressed to the child arriving in the mail, the fun and creative monthly theme, the patch and culinary tool – all help foster a constructive approach to food and eating. Cooking and baking for others is hugely gratifying -- for anyone! For a child with difficulty experiencing success in a “traditional” way – in the classroom, on the soccer field, or on stage -- the triumph of creating a batch of cookies for a neighbor or a birthday burger for a parent is akin to scoring a goal or acing a test!

Raddish has been used in transitional and life skills classrooms, by speech therapists and feeding specialists, and by young adults with intellectual disabilities. It is a recommended resource by organizations that support students with disabilities such as the Florida Department of Education Gardiner Scholarship and Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account Program.

“Our girl happens to be on the Autism spectrum. Raddish is perfect fun to help her learn life skills that she will need to be independent, healthy, happy and whole. We LOVE being in the kitchen as a family and better yet is the joyful smile on her face as she gets bragging rights about the delicious food she creates with the help of Raddish!”

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