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We hope you and your Rad-Family are staying focused and energized this new school year with our protein-packed recipes and delicious activities.  Below are more activities to extend the fun!

A Spotify Playlist

Get your groove on with these Back-To-School themed songs on our custom made playlist via Spotify.

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Healthy Banana Smash

Add nut butter, honey and walnuts to nature's favorite candy bar in this delicious banana smash! It's the perfect afternoon activity to make (and eat) with your Rad-Kids. Recipe available for download here.


Brain Food for Kids

Enjoy this handy list of brain-boosting foods to ensure a smart start to the school year, available for download here.  

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Unscramble the mystery foods then search for the items during your grocery run in this month's grocery store scavenger hunt, available for download here.  

Brain Food Lesson Plan

At Raddish, we believe the kitchen is the tastiest place to learn!  And Raddish is a terrific supplement to your homeschool curriculum. Subscribe to Raddish for a FREE lesson plan each month (via our Shopping List email).  Each lesson plan divides your kit into 4, 45-90 minute lessons you can use and adapt to support your homeschool study, pre-k – middle school.


At Raddish, we strive to accommodate the needs of all families.  Below please find some recommended substitutes for our Rad-Families with dietary restrictions. Measurements may vary based on substitute. 

 Smart Start Blueberry Pancakes >> use coconut oil or Earth Balance (in place of butter); almond milk (in place of milk); soy yogurt (in place of regular yogurt); ENER-G egg replacer or flax egg (in place of eggs). To make flax egg use 1 Tbsp ground flax to 3 Tbsp water for every egg needed.  

 Quinoa Pizza Poppers >> use tofu (in place of ricotta).

 Mighty Omega Teriyaki Bowl >> use tamari soy sauce; olive oil (in place of sesame oil).