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The Raddish Kids Guide to Celebrating Dad this Father's Day

Introducing Raddish Kids’ easy guide to throwing an at-home backyard party to celebrate Dads!
We would love to see how you threw a backyard party! 
Share the love and your pics using the hashtag: #RadKidsCook.

Backyard Grub

Try one or all of these recipes for a delicious afternoon. 


Homemade Pizza Dough
Homemade BBQ Sauce
Orange Cream Pops

Backyard Games

Play a game together! Test your senses in a blind taste-test, or your throwing skills in an egg-toss! Check out all of our favorite Backyard Games here.


Egg Toss
Restaurant Relay Race
Capture the Foodie Flag

More Fun

Listen to some tunes, learn how to cut watermelon, and chat using these table talk cards. 
How to Cut Watermelon
Table Talk Cards