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Raddish Cooks Up Fun with the Whole Kids Foundation!

We're excited to share that Raddish is partnering with the Whole Kids Foundation this fall!  We'll be cooking up fun at select Whole Foods locations throughout Southern California.  Our hands-on workshop will guide parents and children while we cook two popular and seasonal Raddish recipes. Lead by our stellar Rad-Team, the workshop includes lessons on knife skills for kids, mixing and measuring, making vinaigrette, palate development, and an apple tasting tasting. The workshops are complimentary.  Hope to see you there!

Find a Workshop Near You! 

Saturday, September 20 @ 11AM -- Pasadena (Hastings Ranch) location 

Sunday, September 21 @ 11AM -- Brentwood location 

Saturday, September 27 @ 11AM -- Westwood location

Saturday, September 27 @ 1:30PM --  3rd + Fairfax location 

Saturday, October 4 @ 1:30PM --  Tarzana location

Sunday, October 5 @ 1:30PM -- Santa Barbara location  

Whole Kids Foundation is a charitable organization that provides children with access to healthy food choices through partnerships with schools, educators and organizations.  Click here to learn more!
Raddish is a cooking club for kids! Created with a mission of bringing families together in the kitchen and at the table, our monthly thematic cooking kits take the guesswork out of cooking with kids while creating delicious kitchen memories along the way. Raddish is designed by a team of educators and chefs who believe the kitchen classroom is the tastiest place to learn. Join our membership today!