Stuck at Home

At Raddish, we believe the heart of the home is in the kitchen. And our team of parents, chefs, and educators know the kitchen is the perfect place to cultivate academic skills outside of the traditional classroom -- like math, science, geography, culture, reading, and more. We’ve developed this page as a resource to support families the best way we know how -- because food comforts and connects us all! 

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Host an At-Home Cooking Camp!

Build your culinary foundation with our Cooking Camp Challenge Guide! Learn new cooking techniques and create your own recipes with these 8 kitchen lessons.
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We’ve paired our 4 step illustrated bonus recipes with Kitchen Connections learning extensions! Stay curious and try them all!

Get Creative with More Activities and Fun

Each month, Raddish offers enriching activities, crafts, and projects that go beyond the kitchen classroom. Explore our library of hands-on activities and adapt them for your family’s needs.



    • Use "Spider Fingers". Tuck your fingers around the food you are holding. This protects your fingertips from the sharp blade and allows your knuckles to be the guide while cutting.
    • Create a flat surface. Don't let round food roll around the cutting board! Start cutting by creating a flat surface. This provides stability for safer slicing.
    • Cut with a rocking motion. Keep the tip of your knife on the cutting board, rocking the bottom up and down to cut the food. This gives you better control with the knife and protects your fingers. 
    • Knives don't walk. When not using your knife, set it above your cutting board with the blade facing away. Do not walk with your knife in your hand.