Raddish in the Classroom

Our culinary curricula bring fun, edible education to K-8 classrooms!

Ideal for:

  • After school programs
  • Traditional school classrooms
  • Childcare centers
  • Children's camps
  • Homeschool co-ops or youth groups

We've Made Classroom Cooking Easy, Educational & Affordable

No kitchen? No problem.

Each Raddish for Schools curriculum is designed to be implemented in a classroom setting. Our recipes require basic equipment—such as utensils, cutting boards, and whisks—and tables or desks as work surfaces. In many cases, no ovens are required.

Ready-to-Cook lesson plans!

Our themed, 9-week programs include 8 weeks of recipes and a final culminating project. Math, science, culture, and geography are incorporated into our lessons, which take about an hour and include a comprehensive teacher's guide.

No chef training required!

You don't need to have culinary expertise to run a Raddish for Schools program. We design each plan so that any teacher who wants to share a love of food with students can implement it successfully.

A classroom set for 10 children is only $195.

This includes all recipes, weekly lesson plans with teacher's guides, and take-home recipe guides of all the recipes for each student. 


Garden Party

A 9-Week Course Featuring a New Fruit or Veggie Each Class! Oven-Free Cooking.

About the Program

We've been inspiring young chefs since 2006 when we coined the phrase "The kitchen is the tastiest place to learn!” through our Los Angeles-based program, Kitchen Kid. Created by chefs and teachers who are passionate about bringing food and education into the classroom, Raddish for Schools is so much more than a recipe or two—it's an award-winning, hands-on curriculum that combines kitchen skills, academics, and cultural studies...all for as low as $2 a student per class.


Best Camp - Red Tricycle
Best Children’s Product - Dr. Toy


How do I start?

  1. Schedule your class and gather your group!
  2. Order the correct number of classroom sets and teacher materials.
  3. Gather remaining materials.
  4. Get cooking and have fun!

What will I need to start?
What is included in each Raddish for Schools classroom set?
Can my school buy a curriculum set using a purchase order?
How do I fund the program?
How much should I budget for weekly groceries and tools?
Can the recipe guides be re-used?
How many weeks is each course designed to last?
Do I need an oven?