Raddish for Schools

Why use the Raddish For Schools curriculum to teach cooking in your homeschool, co-op, afterschool program, classroom, or group?

  • We are industry leaders and innovators when it comes to teaching cooking to kids. Our Los Angeles based program, Kitchen Kid, has been inspiring young chefs since 2006 when we coined the phrase, “the kitchen is the tastiest place to learn!”
  • Our programs are award winning! We’ve received awards from Red Tricycle for best camp and Dr. Toy for best children’s product.
  • Our team is comprised of chefs and teachers – the perfect mix for educating kids in the kitchen.
  • It’s much more than “just a recipe”: our hands-on packaged curriculum combines kitchen skills, academics, and cultural studies. We’ve done all the work creating a fun, educational, and easy to use program!
  • It’s affordable! You’ll receive all teaching materials and high quality student materials, for as low as $2/student per class! 


Who’s It For?

  • Raddish for Schools is for anyone looking to teach a group of kids to cook!
  • It’s the perfect compliment to a homeschool co-op, troop or youth group.
  • It’s ideal for after school enrichment programs or clubs at private and public schools.
  • It’s great for elementary classrooms and health studies courses, too!


What You'll Need:

  • A teacher to guide the class.
  • A kitchen or classroom workspace. NO ovens are required!
  • A group of kids, ages 5-12. Classroom sets are sold in bundles of 10.
  • 1 – 2 hours/week.
  • Ingredients (list provided)
  • Tools (list provided) Shop our marketplace for recommended tools!


What is included with Raddish for Schools?

10 Classroom Sets
This course provides materials for 10 students.* Each student will receive:

  • 8 durable recipe guides featuring step-by-step illustrations and enriching kitchen lessons
  • 4 skill cards for mastery of culinary techniques
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Raddish coupon for 50% off their first cooking kit!

Teacher's Guide
The teacher's guide is a expertly organized binder filled with recipes, skill cards, and all of the supporting documents necessary to teach the course. Features include:

  • A Raddish-branded, hard-bound binder
  • Tips for cooking with kids
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Shopping and equipment lists
  • 8 durable recipes guides  (one for each lesson in the course) 
  • 8 recipe overview pages featuring frameworks and tips to teach each recipe
  • 4 skill cards for reinforcement of culinary techniques
  • A reference guide for conducting a culminating project 
  • 1 Table Talk deck of 16 cards featuring conversation starters for mealtime chatter

*Please note: Curriculum sets serve classroom multiples of 10.  Partial sets are not available.



    How do I start?

    • Schedule your class and gather your group!
    • Order the correct number of classroom sets and teacher materials.
    • Gather remaining materials.
    • Get cooking and have fun!

    Can my school buy a curriculum set using a purchase order?

    • Yes! Please email purchase orders or requests for verification paperwork to education@raddishkids.com.

    How do I fund the program?

    • If you need financial support to cover the cost of curriculum, ingredients, and equipment we suggestion charging students (for club programs), requesting a PTO grant, budgeting with your principal, or registering on Donors’ Choose.

    How much should I budget for weekly groceries and tools? 

    • Based on a class of 10 students, you will spend about $2/child per class on ingredients. Setting up a classroom kitchen from scratch averages between $200 - $250 when purchasing all new equipment and tools. Of course, this is a one-time set-up cost that can be share amongst many years of students. 

    Can the recipe guides be re-used?

    • Students are encouraged to bring home and keep their recipe guides at the end of the course. However, because recipe guides are laminated they can reused again and again with other students.

    How many weeks is each course designed to last?

    • 9 weeks: 8 weeks of recipes and skill building + 1 week of a culminating experience. You can extend the culminating experience to multiple weeks.

    Do I need an oven?

    • Unlike Raddish for home use, ovens are not used in our Raddish for Schools recipes. We recommend purchasing an electric skillet, and other equipment, in our marketplace.

    Raddish materials are copy-write protected and no part can be reproduced or distributed without written consent from Kitchen Kid, LLC. For use with additional students, please purchase multiple classroom sets. 

    Purchase now:

    Visit our Garden Party Curriculum product page!

    • In this course: Your students will discover a new fruit or vegetable each week!
    • Recipes include Broccoli Forest Salad, Smart Start Blueberry Pancakes, Zucchini Risotto, No-Bake Apple Tarts, and more!

    Visit our Global Eats product page!

    • In this course: Your students will discover a new country and cuisine each week!
    • Recipes include: Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry, Moroccan Couscous Salad, Japanese Soup and Salad, Mexican Street Tacos, and more!