Holiday FAQ

Happy Holidays! Our most frequently asked questions are below.

For estimated delivery by Christmas, order by:

United States

  • Dec 20
    11:59pm PST


  • Dec 5

    11:59pm PST

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How to Choose a Ship Date

Choose a ship date by the 21st of the month to receive that month's kit. Choose a ship date of the 22nd or later to receive the next month's kit.

When should I place my order to ensure delivery by Christmas?

Due to high holiday shipping volume, there could be delays. We encourage you to shop early this year! We are working to expedite our shipping so U.S. membership orders placed by December 20th are estimated to arrive by Christmas. While we do our best to ensure that delivery is on time, this is an estimate, and delays in transit can occur. If you placed your order after the holiday shipping deadline, or it looks like your delivery may have encountered unexpected delays, you can print a gift note to let the recipient know that Raddish is on the way!

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