We believe the kitchen is the tastiest place to learn!

2018 Schedule by Location

Global Food Fest - New this summer!

New for 2018!

Take a tour around the world - travel to Spain, Japan, Brazil, China, and more!

This exciting new full-day camp explores different cultures, cuisines, and specialties from all over globe.  As with our popular Restaurant Camps, this will be a week of cooking and creativity - the tastiest way to learn! 

Throughout the week, campers will prepare delicious recipes as they safely learn kitchen fundamentals, palate development, and culinary techniques.  They will also learn how food is a common language that unites us all by asking questions like these and more -

• How can learning new cuisines challenge our taste buds?

• In what ways are cuisines around the world the same? Different?

• What can we learn about a culture through traditional recipes and ingredients?

• How does physical geography affect a region's cuisine?

A few things on the menu for this week are: Brigadeiros (chocolate bon-bons!) from Brazil, Paella from Spain, and Fresh Spring Rolls from Vietnam.  Mmmmm...tasty travels!

Family and friends are invited on Friday afternoons to have their passports stamped as they taste the world!

Hours: 9am – 3pm

Cost: $560

Ages: Campers entering 3rd – 8th grades; Because of our small class size, excellent ratio, and shared passion for cooking, this diverse age range has proven beneficial and compatible.

Registration is open!