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Perfect Ways to Enjoy a Delicious Mothers’ Day with Your Family

My mom calls Mothers’ Day “Hallmark Day”. When I was little she’d lament, “why do I need the card industry to make up a special holiday just for being your mom?” (Probably followed by the clichéd obvious, “it’s the greatest job in the whole world!”)

I never fully understood what she didn’t like about the holiday. (The commercialization of gratitude? The crowded restaurants?) But now as a mom myself, who's not fond of being the center of attention, I somehow approach Mothers’ Day with a similar reticence.

And yet, I would never say no to enjoying these ten delicious moments with my family this May (hubby, take note):

 Sleeping in. (Even 8:30 will do.) Then waking up to a perfect latte, a handmade card, and loads of cuddles and hugs.

 Baking scones with my kids.

 Then smothering each bite with homemade strawberry jam.

 A perfectly packed picnic at the park. (That somebody else made.) The kind of picnic that lingers all afternoon while the kids run and play. I’m thinking antipasti salad, cured meats, soft cheese, and crusty French bread. Oh, and a glass of rose.

 Unwrapping a collection of favorite family recipes – complete with the stories and memories behind them.

 Arranging a simple bunch of spring tulips.

 A week of someone else packing lunch in the morning – and using those harried minutes to do something “self indulgent” instead. (You know, like reading the paper and sipping coffee.)

 Simple but delightful brunch in my jammies: soft scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and buttered toast. Or, maybe decadent baked French toast, click here for recipe, with a side of bacon.

 A recurring daily phone date with my own mom – so we can catch up without my hooligans on Facetime.  

 A coupon book for IOUs to last the whole year long. (Perhaps good for the ideas above!)

Wishing all the moms a delicious, relaxing, and memory-filled weekend! 

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