A Rad Resolution
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A Rad Resolution

Posted on January 01, 2014 | 0 comments

The start of a new year is a great time to set goals and create healthy habits. For most of us, these goals are often personal intentions.  “This year will be great, if I eat better, exercise more, and reduce stress!”  

But what about your family?  How can you commit to making your family better, stronger, and happier?  This year, we suggest a “rad” resolution:  

Cook with your kids (at least) once a week. 

Why?  Cooking together helps to develop your child’s palate, build academic skills (reading recipes, mathematical  measuring, geography by cuisine), and promotes creativity.  Best of all, it is time shared together, creating happy healthy memories!

Remember, the family meal is much more about the process than the product. So take time and have fun!  Here are some simple tips to get even the youngest chefs involved the family meal:

  • Wash vegetables together.  Talk about where vegetables come from (farms) and how they grow (seeds, soil, light, water, etc.). 

  • Cut fresh herbs together.  Give your young chef a pair of craft scissors and have them cut herbs, such as parsley or basil, to garnish your dish.  

  • Set the table together.  Ask your child to fold the napkins or pick out a table cloth.  Talk about table manners and brainstorm conversation topics for your meal.

Share with us.  What kind of dishes will your family make this year?  How will you involve your young chef? If you’re looking for some inspiration, let us help! 

Raddish is a cooking club for kids! Created with a mission of bringing families together in the kitchen and at the table, our monthly thematic cooking kits take the guesswork out of cooking with kids while creating delicious kitchen memories along the way. Raddish is designed by a team of educators and chefs who believe the kitchen classroom is the tastiest place to learn. Join our membership today!

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