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Meet a Rad Ambassador!

Our Raddish Ambassadors form a community of parents who cook with their kids and are inspired to share that love with others! They believe in our mission of bringing families, friends, and kids together around the table and in the kitchen. Take a peek into the inspirational kitchens of our Rad Ambassadors to hear real-life stories and tasty tips on cooking with kids.


Name: Ashlie Paulin

City, State:  Louisville, KY


Q: Tell us about your family members!

We are a family of 5: Makayla (age 8), Evelynn (age 3), and Anderson (who just turned 1)! We just completed our first year of homeschool, and very excited about next year. We loved using Raddish in our homeschool this past year!


 Q: What is your favorite thing about cooking with your young chefs?

My honest to goodness favorite thing is seeing the excitement in their eyes as we learn something new, and knowing I am teaching them something that will benefit them as they grow. My kids love helping make all our meals now (even when it’s not a Raddish dish!) My 2-year-old loves mail day and opening the box, but that excitement lit a desire in her to be in the kitchen with us instead of playing with her toys! I love the techniques we learn – yes WE, because who hasn't opened at least one box, read it, and went, "Ohhhh, that is life changing!" We still use the all-natural cleaner and I am forever thankful to know how to caramelize my onions!


Q: Tell us about a time when something funny happened in the kitchen.

So during the holidays we got the Thanksgiving box and we learned how to grate things. It was super fun and both of my oldest kids took turns grating a lemon. Later that day my middle child was missing and when I found her in the kitchen, she had grated an eggplant, my carrots, an apple, and more! But man, was she proud of herself!


Q: What have you learned while cooking with kids?

Oh boy, so much! The biggest thing is that I don't have to have control and that messes are ok and just a part of the fun. Before Raddish, having my kids in the kitchen was complete anxiety for me. Now they help clean up those messes, they’re patient when learning something new, and we just have fun!


Q: What advice would you give to others who are just starting to cook together?

Take a deep breath – there will be times when it does not go as planned and that's ok! Enjoy the messy handprints and the dancing in flour. Stop to watch their pure amazement at learning something that, to them, is so "grown-up". They are only little once, and soon there won't be little greasy handprints and funny chopped veggies.


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