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Meet a Rad Ambassador - Darbi Harms

Our Raddish Ambassadors form a community of parents who cook with their kids and are inspired to share that love with others! They believe in our mission of bringing families, friends, and kids together around the table and in the kitchen. Take a peek into the inspirational kitchens of our Rad Ambassadors to hear real-life stories and tasty tips on cooking with kids.


Name: Darbi Harms

City, State:  Littleton, CO


Q: Tell us about your family members!

We have 5 people and 6 chickens at our house. Kaylee is 6, Teagan is 4, and Ezra is 1.


Q: What has been your favorite Raddish recipe?

The American Flag Cake! We are a gluten free home, and we followed the substitutions and made it with gluten free flour and it came out amazing! So far every recipe has been adaptable to our food needs and I love that!! And they tasted awesome! 


 Q: What is your favorite thing about cooking with your young chefs?

They get really excited about the finished product. We watch many different cooking and baking shows in our house and they like role playing and figuring out how different seasonings, vegetables and fruits make food taste. The girls love to taste different spices and herbs. I love that cooking their own food or adding their own "special sauce" gets them excited about food, especially healthy, fresh food.


Q: How has Raddish helped your kids in the kitchen?

Up until we started using Raddish, much of our time in the kitchen was frustrating. Since the girls couldn't read the recipe or visualize what was going on, it was often tough to keep their attention.


Q: What advice would you give to others who are just starting to cook together?

I used to feel that both girls needed to see and be involved in every step to learn, but I found it easier and more enjoyable to have them focus on either just one recipe or divide parts of the recipe for different kids. In our June Raddish kit, my 4-year-old, Teagan, made the BBQ sauce, and that was perfect for her age and ability, while Kaylee, my 6-year-old, could handle doing the Macaroni Salad herself.



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