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Meet Bill Creelman, Founder of Spindrift Beverage Co

This month we're inspiring young chefs to create food and beverage stands in our Order's Up cooking kit.  But every successful entrepreneur will agree: starting a budding company isn't always a piece of cake!  Which is why we're delighted to introduce you to one of the greats! Meet Bill Creelman, Founder of Spindrift, the first company to create sparkling beverages with FRESH squeezed juice.  Below, he shares a glimpse of his nonconventional work history, the inspiration behind his tasty beverages, and the "ingredients" necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Q: Where did you get the idea for Spindrift

A: I was a huge diet coke drinker but also grew up on organic, locally farmed food. As my kids started to get older, I found myself fending off more and more questions about soda. I decided to do something about it—a soda, but made with fresh ingredients.

Q: Have you always been an entrepreneur? How did you get started?  

A: Indeed. I started parking cars at the Old Deerfield craft fair when I was 9. Then I worked at a golf course, painted houses, and finally began working as a first mate on a fishing boat when I was 16. In fact, I have never had a traditional job!

Q: Spindrift is made with fresh, quality ingredients.  What "ingredients" do young entrepreneurs need to be successful? 

A: My product development philosophy for any foods is to find the best, freshest ingredients and then go from there.  In this sense, I think shooting for the best--- to go beyond where a category/service is today--- is a great starting point. Be prepared for incredible hard but rewarding work. 

Q: What's the hardest thing / best thing about being your own boss? 

A: Hardest Thing: Work/life balance Best Thing: When our team is totally in synch--- feels great.

Q: This month, Raddish is encouraging kids and families to make their own lemonade stand during Lemonade Days --  Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation annual event to raise money to fight childhood cancer. Do you have a secret to making great lemonade or running a successful neighborhood food stand? 

A: Great lemonade: it goes without saying you have to have amazing fresh lemons—we use 1 whole lemon per bottle in our lemonade. The key is the sugar level--- don’t go overboard--- just enough to smooth out the acidity. Successful Food Stand: Preparation! Have everything done before you open. And have fun!

Thanks Bill!!!

Don't forget, we're teaming up with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) to raise awareness and funds to help fight childhood cancer. And we're encouraging our Rad-Families to do the same!  Share photos of your family creating, tasting, and selling lemonade on our Facebook or Instagram pages and #raddishlemonadedays for a chance to win!  Prize includes a Raddish cooking kit, plus a donation from Raddish to ALSF in your family's name. Be sure to add your donations to our fundraising page, found here. Contest runs through June 30. Happy selling!

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